18 Tmall shop brush catch has been kicked out of the double 11

[Reuters] before the date of the state power, insiders revealed to billion state power network, Tmall through the station letter issued a notice, the enrollment Tmall double 11 shops, 12 shops suspected of serious false trading, because of bad plot is repaying the double 11 big promotion.

it is reported that there are 6 shops suspected of false trading behavior, which will be relegated to the venue from the merchant store business area of the merchant, the revocation of the venue resources 6. The disposal is based on the transaction data from August 25th to October 17th, the investigation and determination of the.


merchant offers Tmall’s internal letter on dealing with dual 11 front brush single merchants

as a result of Tmall did not disclose the specific names of these 18 shops have been processed, but also led to the industry’s list of these 18 businesses guess. That an unnamed brands to billion state power network, double last year’s 11 top ranked three in a list of possible Menswear brands. In addition, other parts of the core category also involves.

and on the day before, this one also circulated online without official confirmation, because Juhuasuan brush "blacklist" of the brand, there are also some famous men’s clothing brand.

this, Tmall side said that the participation of 11 pairs of businesses should be excellent in the selection of excellent shops, should become an example of good faith management. However, a small number of businesses cheating in the transaction of fraud, resulting in great damage to the entire ecosystem, challenging the rules of Alibaba ecosystem. In order to maintain the overall environment, Tmall will be zero tolerance for such acts of dishonesty."

is reported that Tmall will also strengthen the follow-up investigation, through the daily dynamic data monitoring, manual fine sampling and other means to monitor the conduct of the business of false traders. At the same time, Tmall will also strengthen the double 11 big promotion efforts to dispose of, 11 businesses if verified the existence of false transactions, according to the severity of the business restrictions, demotion, cancel qualification and other treatment measures.

Tmall also stressed that after the end of the 11 double will still be the day of the transaction data for further analysis, once confirmed the existence of false business transactions, Tmall will be handled according to regulations.

Tmall in the announcement shows the fight brush single determination, but it seems that many busy preparing for the double 11 businesses have not been too much shock. A business make-up brands and accessories business, said: this time, there is no concern for businesses who are only concerned about the promotion of these days."

the merchant also pointed out that there are still a lot of shops in the brush, Tmall this deterrent warning significance greater than the actual significance.

single brush business too much, if Tmall really want to catch, immediately catch out of a pile, there are hundreds. And Tmall not only to deter businesses, but also to consider the sale of 11 goals to achieve. This year, Ali target default 50 billion, 2 should also consider the problem of KPI." A traditional menswear brand

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