Do we really need today’s headlines from the media platform

signed a cooperation agreement in today’s headlines and the "Guangzhou daily", the copyright issue is finally come to an end raise a Babel of criticism of the traditional media, the rights of the daring vanguard in money and flow of interests, remove the last vestiges of residual dignity. We lamented the decline of traditional media, but also need to think about the rise of new media platforms.

may be some time ago copyright problems, I recently learned that today’s headlines had begun since the introduction of the media support program, and claims to have a number of selected media account for beta can produce high-quality content, provide fixed advertising in the media since the content of the page, and will provide 5 yuan per thousand reading the money is divided into the plan. Today’s headlines want to rely on their own powerful content distribution capabilities to help find a way out of the media, but the fact is that it is true?

traffic has never been realized from the media commercialization path

The author investigated the

a user has settled in today’s headlines media advertising platform, the recent 4 articles updated cumulative reading number is 1751, according to today’s headlines announced per thousand reading 5 yuan of money into advertising revenue calculation, about 9 yuan of money, I think this level of income from the media. It does not have any influence, because they can easily reach on any platform. Today’s headlines are much lower than the Baidu advertising hundreds of thousands, not like Baidu, which has hundreds of thousands of advertisers Baidu Alliance for support, want to help the media to achieve the flow of the road is also very far from the realization of.

, of course, today’s headlines powerful content distribution capabilities, can really bring a lot of revenue from the media, but after all, the flow of dividends is limited. Today’s headlines 12 million active users than there is a huge gap between other portal news client, although the information flow can be recommended to the user content unlimited, as long as the user continues to refresh, there will be new news to recommend, but we need to know the user could not control to read, so today’s headlines from the media to bring income must be limited and not very considerable.

traffic that is platform should do from the media and there is no relationship, but even with a 200 thousand WeChat fans, the public through the wide point of the cash flow earnings per day is also unable to break 500 yuan, and we know that the number of public single advertising value far more than this number.

since the media has never been a cash flow group, they gained a reputation for themselves by publishing in the major platform of the article, clear their target audience, and this group of fans of the impact is the most important channel of realization from the media. It doesn’t matter how many people you see in your article, but what the media needs is how many people I can influence. We often see the article from the media was reproduced by a variety of media and never told, even if this situation marked the original author, but in fact, the value of the media is not large.

unsound distribution mechanism will lead to bad money to expel good money

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