WeChat era, a few ideas to help you how to do a good job in WeChat marketing


marketing, said the word, you must be very familiar with, from the beginning of August of the 12 year, the number of monthly coverage of WeChat has been in rapid growth, a new era of WeChat product marketing also slowly into the eyes of the people, many businesses playing WeChat war, then why do some WeChat marketing do very well, but some people do not go to the


1 keep an eye on WeChat’s update on change.

2 to enhance their own master to improve their WeChat public number promotion skills.

3 try to get the maximum marketing value with the lowest cost.

4 to learn how to create WeChat public platform and operations.

5 to learn how to WeChat in the electricity supplier or physical entities flexible together.

6 do business from the media.

7 how to make the user more sticky before we.


WeChat can be said to be a social class of mobile phone software how to put such a reasonable social software and commercial coherence together is the most important, the key lies in the interaction of social software, not just to add some advertising, as counterproductive, will let users feel that you are in advertising, pure the advertisement of the party, and if so, you can say the WeChat marketing is very failure, we should seize the characteristics of WeChat users, WeChat marketing to their psychological interpretation of the meaning of success, for example, take the KFC, say, general users with your WeChat is to want to know the most recent location. The new preferential conditions, set the automatic acquisition of KFC, recently, reply locations, plus electronic coupons, believe that the next time the user will periodically release some of the public opinion, practical To increase your exposure, this is the easiest way to get user stickiness.

with WeChat – the new media at home and abroad, the rapid popularization and wide application, the dim blog gradually, has been quick to catch up with micro-blog WeChat should have become one of the most popular Internet applications, the most fashionable. With the rising popularity of WeChat, many companies and electricity providers are aware of the enormous value of WeChat platform marketing role. WeChat must be the most influential new media in the next few years, whether it is business or electricity supplier, or an individual, if you ignore this new stage, who is likely to lose competitive advantage.


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