Site planning three major software and presentation (two)

in the last chapter we introduced the planning necessary three software in Mindjet MindManager and necto (EdrawMax), today we will give you recommend another software, called Axure.Axure Axure Software Solution, the United States is a masterpiece. The latest version is 5.6, commonly used version Pro5.5. This software can quickly express your site planning. It is easy to be able to think, plan the needs of the page, interactive features, etc.. I would like to take a look at the effect picture, see figure 1.

figure 1

more than a little bit of the picture may be slightly wider, we can see the picture address.

we see this is the prototype of the site line diagram, the left is a multi page navigation, the right side is a single page model. Some friends may say that this effect can be achieved using word or PS, etc.. Yes, if you just look at the effect of the surface, it is possible to use other software to achieve, but the software has several features, you will see that he is not the other document software can not compare.

1 generates a HTML prototype, and automatically forms left and right multi page navigation. Click on the left link to connect to different pages.

2 site model menu is dynamic, to achieve the basic drop-down effect

3 can be added to the text or plate dynamic interaction, such as jump, hide and other actions

4 has auxiliary line and adsorption function, convenient layout

these are word or some other document software can not be achieved, or to achieve more trouble. Note, making these prototypes, of course, can be used to achieve DW, can directly use Notepad to write expert. But to consider two points, first, all the planning staff will use DW and are familiar with html+js interaction? Is the efficiency of the two, and then the cattle people to use Notepad to write, certainly not as fast as the software drag and drop operation.

this is a personal point of view, this article is just to give some of the regular use of word to draw a network diagram of the friends to provide some help. The functions of this software is very powerful, there are a lot of things are worth learning, IT in this competitive industry, planners have clear structure, standardize the chart, clear process can enhance the competition ability of the occupation.

site planning necessary to introduce the three major software and are written down hastily, there is a chance, it will be a systematic introduction to some of the detailed planning methods, ideas. Welcome to share,

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