nterview a media reporter how fun content marketing

Cameron Conaway works across two fields: one is the freedom to receive numerous awards reporter; another is Flow content marketing manager. Cameron believes that the spirit of the reporter can motivate the marketing team, so he encourages more marketers to take greater risks for content



this article for CCO magazine interview with Cameron, let us look at how Cameron wears two hats fun content marketing.

CCO: although hiring reporters to create content will get a lot of fun theme, then why is it to hire a reporter rather than talented writers do?

Cameron: more and more companies are looking for trained media reporters, in fact, more and more reporters also want to get rid of their industry, the role of the brand into the market.

I understand the content of the marketing is to provide quality, valuable content, this reporter on the role of the original content marketing has already been DNA.

In addition to

, they have mastered the basic principle of writing: they know how to attract readers, how to release before the deadline, the editorial department and how to bear the pressure brought by the external blow, and they know how to produce high quality content, day in and day out, but the writer in this regard as reporter

CCO: your work spans two areas: one is the famous reporter, the other is the brand content marketing. What made you want to do these two jobs?

Cameron: actually my career has just begun. When I was a graduate student, I studied poetry, and when I graduated in 2009 with a degree in poetry, we all talked about the economic crisis!

so I started teaching Shakespeare, and later I taught basic writing in college.

at the end of 2010, for the profession of education I have felt mentally and physically exhausted, my wife and I moved to Thailand.

when we moved there for several months, I saw a 60 second video in CNN, is about a boy who was trafficked to Chiang Mai to do business. I think this 60 seconds of video clips and not really express the way of justice, and poetry can not bring direct impact, so I decided to go to Chiang Mai to write a long article about the transaction. This is the beginning of my career.

since then, as a freelancer I entered the news industry, and gradually, I found that I am most interested in the story is basically from the brand. At the same time, I will be content to work with a number of media companies, but almost every week I have to recover royalties. When my article was finally released, the publishing company did not sell and promote it in any way, so I felt like I was wasting a lot of stories. >

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