Search engine topics

said that search will be the Internet, search engine in the position in our daily life is important.
      you may be a just bought "cat" excitedly to surf on the Internet may have been dormant for several years, no matter how to find the information they need on the Internet information in multitude, need a little bit of skill.
      for enterprises, learning to search, improve skills, you can find more potential customers.

1.  what is search engine

  search engine is a "search" provides information services for your website, the use of certain procedures to the Internet of all classified information, the search engine automatically collect information from the Internet, after finishing, to help people in the vast sea to search the needed information. It includes three parts: information collection, information processing and user query.

2. how to let the site was included in the search engine

  search engine automatic information collection function is divided into two kinds. A regular search, namely every time (for example, Google is 28 days), the search engine should send a "spider" program, website of IP address within the scope of the search, once found a new website, it will automatically extract the website information and add your own database.
  another is to submit a site search, the website owner to search engine submission web site, which in a certain period of time (2 days to months) sent a directional "spider" program to scan your website, your website and relevant information in the database for the user’s query. In recent years, the search engine index rules changed, submit your website URL does not guarantee can enter into the search engine database, so the best way is to get some external links, let search engines have more opportunities to find you and your website will automatically.

3. how to make web pages are included in the search engine

  Web search engine included, generally need to meet the following factors in at least one.
a, your site is a famous site, a very large number of visits, the industry is very famous.
b, directed to search >

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