Groupon Chinese executives will leave China strategy or abortion

January 26th, Groupon China market leader Ren Xin revealed on micro-blog, is about to leave, and is looking for a successor. You may already know, I am Groupon China is responsible for Marketing. For some personal reasons, I decided to consider other opportunities, so the Marketing VP person, with the intention of friends can be sent to the personal mailbox, a few days I will work until you find the right successor."

almost at the same time, former global vice president of Google Greater China president, innovation works chairman and CEO Li Kaifu, micro-blog disclosed Groupon in Germany’s expansion strategy, is also paid poaching, and to suppress competition purposes, a large number of employees have been fired, presumably Ren Xin which can not be unaware, so and the choice of retreat is also unknown.

industry experts believe that executives leave for the current high-profile Groupon into the process of China caused no small impact, which has been the emergence of unstable state of the heart, or will lead to its China strategy abortion".

LG the current war, after the exposure of the "mail door", "Recruitment" incident, the Groupon did not enter the Chinese has been notorious, this is not a good signal, perhaps as Xinzheng is feeling the pressure from public opinion and China group purchase enterprise collective and home is also unknown.

coincidentally, on the two day before the release of the Ren Xin news January 24th, handle network, full, F group, tuanp group, cool, cool group, single group and other domestic group purchase websites have agreed to "never hired Groupon had once in office or part-time experience of employees. A number of stakeholders confirmed the news.

LG war upgrade again, from a first handle network blocking, to the development of group purchase industry overall bash. Apparently, Groupon’s poaching behavior has angered the Chinese most group purchase enterprises, "Groupon for fast access to personnel, hire a headhunter in the industry who secretly, and out of the salary level is 20% higher than the attractive conditions, 2 hours will be the signing of the contract. This is a blatant provocation against us." A group of people who expressed their indignation.

alone on this point, Groupon is really not authentic. To fling caution to the winds breaking the rules of the game, increasing the cost of human resources, with an overwhelming advantage to force small and medium-sized enterprise group purchase funds unsustainable, large enterprises have to pay to retain talent. No wonder Chinese group purchase enterprises Baotuan boycott.

this, some analysts believe that the rapid development of the industry in China today, the Chinese market has gradually been valued by the international market, Groupon into China is also fancy China’s spending power. But it ignores the "foreign missionaries as local monks chanting localization more people can accept, not in accordance with the Chinese rules is likely to encounter MSN, YAHOO, >

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