Ministry of Commerce Double 11 period will strengthen supervision to crack down on illegal acts

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, November 2 (reporter Yu Qiongyuan, Yu Jiaxin) this year, double 11 is coming, the major electricity supplier platform has begun a variety of promotional activities, such as pre-sale. In the last year "double 11" during the online sale of counterfeit goods, false discount, and vacuity original, misleading propaganda, delay delivery and other non-standard problems, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang 2, said at a regular news conference, with the relevant departments will strengthen supervision of the network trading platform, to crack down on illegal behavior. read more

Tmall released Spring Festival delivery rules and after-sales service time are adjusted

recently, Tmall rules released the 2017 Tmall Spring Festival delivery time and transaction flow adjustment notice, the notice of the sale of goods during the Spring Festival and other matters were standardized.

business online news, from the Spring Festival holiday with two weeks time, recently, Tmall rules released 2017 Tmall Spring Festival "notification delivery time and transaction flow adjustment notice", during the Spring Festival of the customer service delivery issues specification. read more

Ma Yun was hit by the new regulations in the development of online shopping has three worry Taobao w

State Administration for Industry and commerce authorities in Hangzhou recently a meeting revealed that in the "Interim Measures" of the network behavior of commodity trading and related services management before the introduction of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has repeatedly to e-commerce enterprises to solicit opinions, the Alibaba head of the MA in the discussion with the provisions when three times have expressed concern about the "Taobao will die". read more

Tonlion double 11 new products accounted for 80%, playing breaking up couples game


] October 25th news billion state power network, the state power grid on line before Tonlion electricity supplier is responsible for Gao Feiyang, invited the interpretation of the two preparations for Tonlion this year eleven.

Tonlion mobile game screenshot

Gao Feiyang revealed to billion state power network, Tonlion double in eleven years, now for the double eleven more rational attitude. This year, Tonlion participated in the promotion of the eleven sub venue, the current value of about $100 million stocking. 80% of which are new products, there are a variety of online and offline to maintain the same line of 100. Double eleven day, online and offline product activities may be slightly different, but the price will not be too much difference. read more

Tonight hotel special offer two Jingdong investment, play is what

Zhou Yu hit Gai, one would like to make a wish to. Jingdong investment tonight hotel special, also quite this style. The key point is to see who, Zhou Yu, Huang Gai is to show to see Cao Cao, the Jingdong and the tonight hotel special offer is for investors to see.

have very small woman, two founding man and a good hotel tonight special offer. Tonight hotel special CEO Deng Tianzhuo, that is, we have to pass as the vice president of Jingdong who is a technical man, there are Microsoft background. COO Ren Xin, tourism and commercial industries for the elderly, eloquent, often on behalf of the company in. Well, the most important thing is that they are 80. read more

Domain deletion list September 16, 2007


domain name registration agency cost and 55 yuan / year / month, 620 special offer agent 120 space 150m nets.
more please login: /domain.htm< br /> / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

Supplier exposing electricity supplier price war truth the most traditional stores injured

every reporter Zheng Peishan from Chengdu

you Changba me play, in between Jingdong, Suning and Gome price war to enter the fifth day.

, the price war is different from the past, it seems that the war between Jingdong and Suning Gome, in fact, the game is online and offline." National consumer electronics channel alliance Secretary General Wu Xianjian to the daily economic news reporter pointed out that, regardless of Jingdong, Suning or the United States, in fact, this is the winner of the price war. read more

Taobao mall was renamed Tmall and spread the goods to draw the line

from Taobao mall, in the hope that "Tmall" changed its name to see the sun, and carries it has been trying to create a "quality city" change of Taobao mall netizens are not confused with impression.


early in its early years, abruptly from Ebay to seize a large number of businesses, and firmly occupied the C2C online shopping market, only the use of a free shop strategy, this strategy allows Taobao to become a loyal supporter of many people. Ma won the market, also won the poll, but Taobao is not all free? Obviously not, after expanding the Taobao began in the internal differentiation, in order to derive more source of fees, in April 2008, began independent operations B2C Taobao mall, and the end of the B2C operation fee free. read more

Taobao remediation tablet and mobile phone market sellers need to pay 50 thousand deposit

news September 29th, the day before, Taobao rules issued "on" /MID tablet computer "category new product release notice" standard, clear the requirements and release of goods requires sellers category.

According to

billion state power network to understand, sellers of goods issued in the "/MID tablet computer" category, to meet any of the following conditions: one is the consumer protection services, and pay not less than 50000 yuan deposit; two is required for businesses and shops, must be brand from the store or brand authorized stores. read more