The dessert would be what the future development of the enterprise whole

has been in the world to maintain a style change, we do not know what will happen in the future. Just take the food and beverage industry, the sweet milk tea is the most popular young casual drinks, from the beginning of 2005 has maintained a rapid development trend. It is understood that in 2016 the national dessert industry scale will reach 150 billion yuan. However, the dessert to join the market has been brilliant for 10 years, the future will be like this, the future development trend is how it will be in the future development of the dessert industry will join the following 5 areas. read more

Qiao Qiao Zi flavor dessert join to choose how – net

to say how China’s dessert market? Look at a small set of data to know. According to statistics, China’s dessert sales grew 16 times over the past 5 years, is expected to more than 2017 of more than 15 billion. Which donuts popular, its considerable profits also make it quickly become the darling of the dessert industry. Whether it is China’s first-tier cities or two or three line city, Western leisure has gradually become a fast food diet, especially convenient lunch and afternoon tea, the popularity of smart and clever taste as a fashion by healthy people love to donuts is the main leisure snacks brand, has been the most fashionable in Europe the leisure diet culture to consumers. read more

Fresh lemon tea drink baby joined 2017 trusted – Business

fresh tea lemon baby drink? We all know that the beverage market has always been very hot. Want to start a better business for the selection of a good project is very important. Moreover, fresh tea lemon baby drink to join, is a very good choice. If you join the fresh tea lemon baby drink project, is also very exciting, and quickly act up!

fresh tea drinks Lemon Baby investment with you to create a win-win! Fresh lemon baby drinks tea project, your career choice, grasp the brand business, you can become a successful entrepreneur, let you realize their entrepreneurial dreams, fresh lemon tea drinks baby items, believe this brand is the best choice of business entrepreneurs who, without money, rich harvest of wealth in return. read more

Entrepreneurship shop how to manage can bring hot business

venture, then basically need to shop, but the store management can not imagine so simple, for the store’s operation and management, many people still do not know how to do. After the shop, store operations and management, the relationship between the future can bring good business. Look at other people’s shops are hot business, many people want to know, how to manage. Here to give you an introduction, entrepreneurship shop how to manage can bring hot business.

1, customer database management read more

Building hardware store location taboo

a lot of building materials hardware store owner in the site, are very concerned about the flow of this element, that the greater the flow of people, the more expensive the shop rent is more suitable for the shop. So, isn’t it? Obviously not. If there is such a thinking, will bring you into a trap: rent, high cost, large passenger flow, but is into the store rate is low, the turnover rate is low, low profits.

therefore, the flow of people is important, but more importantly, the lot of people flow is not the effective flow of your brand. That is: the target consumer groups gathered. Brand positioning is a certain area, from the customer’s age, occupation, social role, economic income and other elements of the target consumer groups to different places to buy. Therefore, the overall positioning of the business climate to determine the mainstream positioning passenger. read more

AUX Wu Fang Liang back to the top two entrepreneurial start-up financial companies

was once the air conditioning industry entrepreneurial giant, born from AUX’s Wu Fangliang back to people’s attention again. Re emergence of his experience after the two venture, turned into a financial company CEO, once again shopping malls.

"air conditioning most afraid of Wu Fangliang because of his book, a book, air-conditioning industry will usher in a reshuffle." An air conditioning industry veteran so that the former general manager of AUX air conditioning.

2001 -2004, Wu Fangliang has published the "white paper", "the cost of air conditioning air conditioning technology," white paper "Chinese red book", "healthy air conditioning technology of inverter air conditioner installation technology" to expose the red book industry, the domestic air-conditioning industry way to provoke a price war, forcing more than 150 air conditioning companies are forced to withdraw from the market at the same time. AUX air conditioning air conditioning from Jiangsu and Zhejiang enterprises a little-known, help the industry four status. read more

Why cigarette and liquor vendor is really well done – the whole

once the smoke hotel can bring us great wealth, but now the smoke hotel but let many shopkeepers are distressed, I do not know whether to give up or so much effort to adhere to. In fact, in the current business environment, smoke Hotel is really bad to do ah. So, why smoke Hotel really bad to do?

smoke Hotel is the group purchase, retail, distribution, display, promotion of five functions in one, become a liquor brand battle channels. But in recent years, the depth of the liquor industry reform and strategic adjustment also prompted the smoke Hotel shuffle". Take the cigarette and liquor vendor ranked the first in the country in Henan, nearly 1/3 or more of the cigarette and liquor vendor have continued to shut down. Now do not ah, but also across the country with emotion. read more

Do you think it is difficult to obtain employment in Jiangsu in September to complete the annual emp

in our lives a lot of people after graduation to find a job is really difficult, in fact, the employment situation is also difficult to distinguish between different regions, the employment rate in Jiangsu is very good. The economic slowdown in employment gains across the board October 29th, the 2017 session of the Jiangsu public college graduates special recruitment will be held in Nanjing International Expo center. 848 home units to provide 18 thousand jobs for graduates. Do you find it hard to get a job? Jiangsu in September to complete the annual employment target. read more

Alternative path for college graduates teach people to love income is not cheap

"single tide hit, most people think it is only a kind of social phenomenon, and a graduate of the University of Chongqing has seen the opportunities, by virtue of their entrepreneurial thinking out of the ordinary, to teach people love to do.

2014 in August, a coffee shop in Chongqing, Zhou Zinan is to teach new students: "why would you ignore each other in love?".

read more

Do you have these entrepreneurial team

we know that entrepreneurship can not be separated from the team, a good entrepreneurial team is the foundation of successful entrepreneurship. May we have to ask, what is a good entrepreneurial team? Summed up, the entrepreneurial team needs the following 6 kinds of people:

1, "the advocate":

urged, that will push you, who makes you think. He’ll keep you motivated to get up early, try and make things possible. You want this person to be energetic and enthusiastic. This is the voice of inspiration. read more