Pioneering product user 0 to 5000 experience share, how does seed user come

left company for 10 years in August 30, 2013, went to France to attend university roommate’s wedding, and returned to full-time full-time entrepreneurship, so far two and a half years.

, the first venture in, officially withdrew in January 14th.

‘s second venture is currently in progress, and my role is product partner.

to start this thing to me, not to become an upstart, not more than the city for the purpose is not to become a celebrity to where there are people called xx.

is for the limited life, with interesting people together, do interesting things, meaningful life. read more

See old beauty viralnova website talk about individual stationmaster

today, occasionally looking through A5, see an article "how to use the eight month old beauty to create billions of individual monthly traffic station", the content is about a viralnova personal blog website, become monthly flow of billions within 8 months, analysis about this website the data source of traffic, site location, then there is whether copy can come to Chinese internet.

specific content, interested friends can Baidu this article, take a look at yourself.

today, squid dinner is not about this article, but also about this article. Let me talk about it. read more

Rookie Adsense promotion successful entrance

1, QQ chat. Personally, I feel like the first thing to delay, and the beginner should control QQ time and devote more effort to the website’s content promotion. It’s good to be able to get into some groups and listen to some lectures. Remember, don’t spend too much time. And games, movies, say 88, go to the station this way, in the initial stage and those unnecessary entertainment bye bye, get the site has been very tired, and then make those more tired, affect work. Really want to chat, it is better to chat to exchange links, read more

Website construction young entrepreneurs hand or the grave

played 8 years in the Internet industry, enterprise station, station, local stations do regular garbage, ups and downs was nearly thirty years of age. Around the great friends, children into the industry of the entrepreneurial force, and for most people, especially young people, choose this industry, entrepreneurship is still starting from the site construction.

a year before my age and friends, choose entrepreneurship, the project is still very not creative is website construction and promotion, a year later, tens of thousands of his debts. I have also done site construction business, I know that relying solely on website construction is not a home, and there is no successful case in China, there is no site for the construction of a good living company. Some people may say that in the power, he did not live a good, very far away from the market, he is mainly two sales team dehumanizing strong business scope is more complicated with more complex, this does not sell to sell other. read more

Take BiliBili as an example of how to make community products

you’ll find that the bigger the community, the less likely it is to define your product.

you’ll find that the bigger the community, the less likely it is to define your product. The more a product has a large user, the more concise the performance, the more stable, the so-called road to jane. In contrast, those who do everything, a list of a dozen of features, including a complex product, must not do much.

understands community

in fact, VC’s actual combat method is difficult to abstract, and no book can really tell clearly, because it is closely related to each specific case. So, this time I would like to take BiliBili as a case to share with you my practical experience and Thoughts on investing in the Internet community industry. read more

2 years grassroots Adsense by Baidu union advertising, earned the first pot of gold

in fact, say it, not afraid of jokes, I have been webmaster for more than 2 years, and never earned money before. Today, I opened my Baidu affiliate account, but it made me so excited. Why? Because the investment in the Baidu union advertisement made me win the first pot of gold in my life!


2012 May, the first site was set up in

before entering the Internet this circle, I was in a financial industry inside, but to do is network management this. I entered the doings of ghosts and gods, a domestic industry, and then made a rather baffling SEO, now think about all that unbelievable. But why do I want to build a website? Because I’m in a domestic company, see a domestic industry website, the website ranking is very good, our boss wanted to give this website to buy down, let me ask him about the price, price 6000 yuan! This time I understand that that site is for the read more

How should a movie station do a good user experience

prefers to go to the movies, but it’s not easy to see a high definition movie. It takes more than two hours to see a movie. I don’t see a clear edition. I’m sorry for myself. So I usually watch movies only on QVOD, and make myself a Qvod HD movie for convenience and convenience at the same time. ( It’s really not easy to do a website. It’s hard to find resources, and it’s hard to find good qvod resources. At the same time, the need to retain users, the need to allow users to have a good experience. Talk briefly about how you do it. read more

Guidelines for functional design of a portal site


Ø browser title should display the page topic

Ø the article title specification in the web site executes

in accordance with the VI design specification


Ø the content page header navigation is simplified and organized as a single line of

Ø the content page needs to be added to the breadcrumbs navigation to allow the user to specify a clear path to the content, such as: site > channel > Article Title

Ø navigation is simple and effective, reducing clutter and avoiding link redundancy read more

How to correctly analyze and make good use of website logs

website is a network platform for enterprises to display images, and it is also an e-commerce platform for products and services marketing. The web site itself is an intelligent database that records the site’s operations and access records, which are kept in the web log.

we can through the website that the user log IP, access time, with what kind of operating system, display or browser, access to which page website, whether successful visit, the server is running normally and so on so as to provide relevant basis for enterprise decision making. We should pay attention to the following when analyzing website logs: read more