How to use news hot words to create high search engine traffic

we know that the news can give us the feasibility of the great flow after then we should be how to operate? Are they with earthquake as keywords? Of course not, then you will be submerged in many high weight website inside, others simply don’t have the chance to find you, you must learn to dig the long tail words related to a large earthquake in the words above, through the long tail word to bring you a lot of traffic, such as the Japan earthquake, Tangshan earthquake, Yunnan earthquake and so on, so will get good traffic, so that it can bring you a stable flow! Usually a popular event if done well, basically can give your website to reach ten thousand do IP level read more

Why don’t make money when make money onlineMobile entrepreneurs three errors small and beautiful

network to make money, why I did not make money? This topic a lot of people who make money online are more headaches. Personally, I think, in fact, for those who make money online, it is often doubtful of making money on the internet. Always feel that there may be others to make money online is to deceive you, in fact you think, if a regular website, to help you in the promotion of it is to help its operation at the same time, why it will cheat you? Need someone to visit your website, visit others, give you money, this is normal. You help them make others access or registration, website owners to give you the money is also normal. So, always try holding the attitude of the industry to join the network to make money, ronin think this may be an important factor that you can’t earn money! It is because of this psychological existence, only to hinder the development of your efforts, you are not willing to make more efforts to make money online this occupation. The final result is only to give up and failure, so you don’t make money, so you feel the nature of deception. You may have to do the payment, or will be harvested, but you give up, it is possible to leave ah! What do you look for the occupation, as long as you want to do, or you must discourage ronin you do so! I keep a little faith in yourself, if you are wrong, all wrong go wrong to you will finally become the truth. read more

n an editor’s perspective of Shanghai Dragon

station on Shanghai dragon in an edit point. I contact search engine optimization is at the beginning of 2011, the time is not long, is engaged in the medical industry. At the beginning of the stage, I always think this is just a routine update to the website, not what technical content. Also hold goof attitude every day to meet the daily workload. Slowly also feel boring. At the beginning, the quality is OK, then there is no patience for daily, pseudo original also is get throught a thing carelessly. One day, we head to see my article title and article content in a complete mess, irrelevant, put my name in the past, ask you such a title, the selection and the content for the search engines will be included? For the website visitors, they will see? Going into the final consumption? The question asked me to Mongolia, shamed I cannot refute. Later also strengthened the writing standard of pseudo original. Behind the increase of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge learning. More understanding of a group of like-minded people, also love the Shanghai dragon in this line. Of course, the most important is it brings me a long lost sense of achievement.
well, no bullshit, into the business, for a web site, an editor does not teach them what simple pseudo original how to write daily update site does not deal with what. To improve, become a real dragon Shanghai still need the accumulation of knowledge, knowledge expansion. This is not because Shanghai Longfeng for everyone to do. The search engine than you think smart, not to learn you forever just edit.
a persistent quality, can be called the execution. I engaged in Shanghai for half a year after the Dragon began bringing some new people, often found that many people are with me just engaged in editing, writing that the site editor is only just, so as to cope with daily work. Three days fishing nets two days of drying! To write your pseudo original, days and months multiplying someone told you site command, you will know that you have created their own value.
Shanghai dragon must first learn to optimize their own, have a certain significance of each section of
each site exists, which is not vacant in the decoration. I found that many editors, in writing articles, blindly implement the above tasks, the lack of understanding of the whole of the site, but not every leader can consider the comprehensive arrangement, so when the site is part of the plate has not been stable update, should ask why! Hard work is good. Learn how to arrange their own time to find the problem is the key.
Shanghai dragon needs curiosity: read more

t took a long time to render, but apple is really going into AR this timeSince the media is the nt

, another furniture dealer, Wayfair has been using the same philosophy and has been operating on the Tango platform for a long time. But ARKit has a huge advantage that Tango does not have:

this technique sounds like shlf1314’s Tango platform. The Tango platform has many examples of applications. IKEA’s upcoming apps, for example, allow customers to put virtual furniture on your home directly on app.

from the public platform, some professionals covering all walks of life with their unique sound public account, the dissemination of information that you cannot see in the open world to all readers interested in them. At present, WeChat public number has become the main form of Internet start-ups. Of course, in addition to WeChat, from the media in vitro, micro-blog since the media is constantly developing. Micro-blog’s diversion mechanism is relatively perfect, it is signed from the media in the flow of support and Realization of the way are very helpful. At present, a large number of "net red" is popular through this approach. read more

Love Shanghai shangdun line

through experience, find a suitable for you to show the shielding strategy of the industry, can be a good salesman, real-time monitoring of Internet users on your promotion information frequent search click strategy will be carried out in time after the shield hit show and click on these invalid visitors, save you.


The use of

often operate love Shanghai promotion people know, are thinking about ways to improve the overall ROI account. That is to say with the lowest cost to get the maximum value of the cost control, in addition to optimize the quality of outside, there are other ways? Yes. Usually there is some accounts by peers or malicious clicks, thus causing the waste of advertising dollars, according to this situation, Shanghai’s official love also has been in continuous improvement. read more

Yiqifa Kingsoft CPA download online advertisingThe new wave of entrepreneurship thirty years Hedong

CPA download Kingsoft online advertising

        07 years, Kingsoft with high quality products and good market strategy, by the network users crazy download, only less than half the time   reached nearly 50 million downloads times.
        Kingsoft launched a 37 day free trial, try before you buy mode, but also to promote the initiative to download network users. As long as the website with Kingsoft, users will have to download. Quality products, strong brand drivers to become your site   revenue provides a solid support! As a prerequisite for you to provide a service. Don’t promise to install Kingsoft without browsing   any form of stakeholders to provide. This can cause your union account to be closed.
 : a generous commission system;       Internet security alliance to take lucrative commissions installed system is higher than the industry average returns to the webmaster, CPA cooperation,   according to the users level payment to the webmaster promotion commission.
commission system table:  
1    499    0.2    /  a
500-19999 installed capacity of     0.3  /  an installed capacity of
20000 and more than   0.4  /    element; an installed capacity of   read more

Love Shanghai snapshot does not show the title and description analysis reason secret

on this issue before Yang Changsheng and some friends on the network are often discussed for answers, which also got a lot of answers, the following are some of the conclusions is:

3, some friends said the website user experience is not good, the residence time is too small;

2, Shanghai Fujian business website love search results do not show the description of the website;

4, there are friends love Shanghai convulsion; calm, calm;

recently had a lot of friends website there is a problem, is on the search results page site title display is not complete, no description of Web site snapshot, snapshot cannot preview, but the website snapshot is updated every day, but not included on the increase (before Yang Changsheng wrote an article to your website why love Shanghai pick the top three flowers). This is what read more

How to choose the site space

How many


at home and abroad, Hong Kong and Macao

three, product market positioning

website on the website of the apartment layout amount is relatively high, the first database is necessary, then portal websites need a large web space, because the portal site is basically a data update. Basically the portal site is such. There is a large space and a suitable background database (don’t know their language background? Click here to help you scarlett.

many times we have to worry about the choice in the web space, do not know about their company or their own websites need what kind of website space. Let me know you a preliminary understanding of how to choose a suitable space for their company website. read more

Webmaster must see trusted alliance Wangzhuan recommendedSecret insider insider Ma he was so Huyou i

, Yuri, · Milner’s eyes, Ma Yun, Lei Jun, Liu Qiangdong,

" in fact, it’s hard for you to compare them. Their strategy is different


so far, Milner’s biggest victory is still in 2009, betting on 25 year old Mark ·, Zuckerberg, when he invested $200 million in Facebook, and eventually received a return of $4 billion. In 2011, Forbes reported Milner’s cover story, the deal was the main content.

‘s 5 hundred million for Liu Qiangdong became at least 3 billion; read more

Which sites in the love of Shanghai search right other people also found on the show

this "other people also found" there should be some other form, such as:

the medical network www.ylwlb贵族宝贝 original reproduced please specify the station address.

believes that ordinary people in the search often find some time to search for a keyword, will be on the right of "other people also found this forum, and is in the form of graphic display. In the process of the maintenance of the website in chance yesterday clear show mechanism, for everyone to share here. read more