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enterprise station will think enterprise site optimization is very difficult to do, because the general enterprise site is to sell the product, website optimization is on the one hand, the user experience is also very important. Do the lottery Enterprise Station friends are very depressed, is in the website design in many parts of the search engine is not friendly, including other businesses, how much will the point of this problem. Here I made from the lottery business station experience analysis enterprise site spider trap what. read more

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in my station and experience about the planning process of me. I am a 3 year old child’s father, began to prepare pregnant from 2009 2010, the birth of a child, until today, I have searched for N associated with pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth, child care and other keywords or long tail keywords in the sea (love now understand that actually each user wants to search each a long sentence, can do long tail keywords, Chinese really great!), each row in front of the always several related websites, and point into a look feel these large sites are done to women, mothers, there is no one to give my parenting website men, daddy dad, look, including the mall, also is the mother of the mall…… As of April this year, I suddenly want to do a website, the past experience and thinking in my heart. read more