Muslims Plan to ‘Islamize’ Liberia in 5-Yrs

first_imgAn alleged plan by Saudi Arabia, custodian of the Islamic faith, to Islamize Liberia, seems to be coming to realization with unfolding events indicating that the plan is gradually kicking-off leading to its imminent fulfillment.A very detailed article written by three Muslim “women’s rights activists” from the Middle East exposed an alleged plan by the Saudi Government, the oil-rich Arab monarchy, to Islamize Liberia and use it as fertile ground for its plan to take over the entire West Africa region.The 14-page, comprehensive and powerfully-written essay by the three Arab activists from Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia, respectively, one with a PhD and the others each with a Master’s degree,also describedthe oil rich nation’s plans to Islamize the entire world, the United States, Europe and Africa, West Africa by firstly putting Liberia under its wings.The three authors include AnahitaGhorbani, Iranian women’s rights activist, YafiahAssouin, PhD, Syrian women’s rights activist and Shada Al Zahrani, Saudi journalist.In what seems to be steps toward the fulfillment of this plan, the Muslim community in Liberia have now begun an ambitious campaign to ensure that their religion achieves dominancein the country, according to the Acting Chief Imam of Liberia, who has called on imams across the country to work vigorously to ensure that Islam takes its“rightful place” in Liberia.Imam Krayee is the Deputy Chief Imam for National Affairs at the level of the National Imam Council of Liberia, but is acting on behalf of his boss who is currently in Senegal.He spoke at the official launch of the National Imam Council of Liberia (NICOL) nationwide Dawah(evangelism) and training program. The ceremony was held in the auditorium of the MarviiSonii School Campus in Clara Town.NICOL, established in 1995, is to shortly celebrate its 20th anniversary in early February. Since its establishment, this is the first Dawah and Imam training program, initiated by the Muslim Community in Liberia.Speaking at the launch, ImamKrayee said that Islam’s aimis to dominate in Liberia. “Every religion wants to be dominant, of course, through peaceful means. It is our goal as Liberian Muslims to be dominant as other religions want to be in this country and everywhere in the world.”He further tried to clarify that, “…by dominance, we do not mean to repress other people or become oppressive, intolerant and become aggressive, though this seems to be the norm in Islamized and Muslim-dominated countries throughout the world.”This is most especially prominent in Arab nations, North Africa and the Middle East where non Muslims are required to pay a special prohibitive tax for the right to exist in such countries.“No, that’s not what we are talking about. It means we have to exert every effort through peaceful means to ensure that our religion is number one in our society-this is a natural aspiration of anyone, who belongs to any institution or religion,” the Imam clarified.Imam Krayee said Islam remains one of the best religions of humankind; as such his fellow preachers should engage Liberians in teaching the beliefs and doctrine of Islam.He revealed that as the torch-bearer of Islam in Liberia, the NICOL will do all within its power to propagate Islam in its true light through the mass media and other forums, noting “NICOL would work to enlighten the society on the true position of Islam.”Sheikh Krayee said that against this backdrop, and inspired by the Qur’an’s ideal articulated in the 32nd Chapter: “And we raised up Imams, among them guiding (people) by our command” (Qur’an 32:24),imams have declared the intention to tread the path chosen by Allah to work in line with the percepts established by the Prophet Muhammad.Mission StatementReading the mission statement of the Five-Year Action Plan, the Muslim Cleric notedthat theprimary objective of every genuine Islamic organization is to recruit people for paradise and help them attain the greatest prize—the pleasure of Allah.This goal, he said, is achievable only through the commitment of its members to the mandate given the Prophet Muhammad, who was sent with the Quran “to deliver people from, all forms and shades of, darkness to the light by the permission of their Lord (Quran 14:1).“To this end, we have resolved, relying on the help of Allah, to commit ourselves to the teaching and propagation of the Message of Islam-to guide our people on the basis of that message and to pursue knowledge and training that would enable us to serve as the reflections of the Quranic light of which Muhammad was a perfect reflection,” he further added.Action PlansNICOL’splan is an ambitious five-year one (2015-2019). It is a summary of the specific and general programs and projects earmarked for implementation.This is aninitiative that seeks to place Islam in a dominant position in Liberia if executed properly, according to plan. The plan contains nine programs and projects to be undertaken during this timeframe.These include annual training workshops for imams; weekly Islamic study sessions across the country;educating and informing Muslims about important Islamic events; Invitation of non-Muslims to Islam; Converts/Reverts Islamic education program; proper representation of Islam in the nation; seeking scholarship for imams to study abroad; collaboration with non-Muslim clergy in areas of concern; and the construction of a National Mosque/Imam Training Complex.Annual Training Program for ImamAccording to Imam Krayee, this program aims to continually enhance the qualification and ability of imams to perform their tasks with greater efficiency and effectiveness.The beneficiaries or targeted group, he said, comprises imams of Jumu’ah Mosques throughout the country. Other imams from other sects and cadets may also benefit.“With the first approach, imams would travel from across the country and converge on Monrovia or other easily accessible cities and towns. They would then be divided into groups with a resource person rotating amongst them,” he said.The decentralized approach would see Liberia being divided into zones, probably four or five, whereby imams would assemble at a central point within the region.“The advantage of this is that it ensures the participation of more imams and reduces the need for long distance travels, especially for older imams. However the challenge here is the availability for competentresource persons for weeklong workshop stretching across the dry season.”Weekly Islamic Studies SessionsImams are teachers, preachers and exemplary guides. It is therefore necessary that all imams organize special Islamic studies classes for their members at least once a week. NICOL said it is available to provide resource material. As enticement or means of motivation, the council would give annual awards to imams with the most successful Islamic studies program.Educating Muslims on Islamic EventsImam Krayee said Liberian Muslims are generally ignorant of many Islamic events with most of them not even knowing the names of Islamic lunar months, nor follow their dates.He said events such as the Eids, Miraj (the Ascension) and the Maulid (birth of the prophet) are not given appropriate attention. “NICOL will, henceforth, design appropriate programs to commemorate these and other events. Among them, there will be (a) Ramadan lecture series (b) symposia on the importance of Eid al Ad-ha (Abraham Day) (c) a national seerah conference during the month of the Rabi al Awal to discuss the life of Muhammad and (d) Seerah competition for children across the country.”Seerah is the biography of the life and mission of Prophet Muhammad.Da’wah to Non-MuslimsThe Islamic clergyman noted that NICOL has chosen Dawah (evangelism), which the clergyman described as the life-line of Islam, as a major priority. This is intended to be robustly carried out amongst non-Muslims, as was done by Muhammad and his followers, to ensure that Islam achieves dominance in the Liberian society.Imam Krayee noted: “Da’wah is invitation of people to the religion of Allah. It is the life-line of Islam. Without it, the religion would have died with the Prophet. Our master Muhammad first invited members of his family and his close friend.He continued to deliver the message and call, often with great difficulties-including threats to his life and those of his followers. But he persisted until just 23 years, the entire Arabian Peninsula bowed to Allah. Then his successors struggled after him, lifting high the banner of Tawheed (oneness of God).”He bragged that in less than a century, Islam reached as far as the Far East and North Africa. “Through their [Muhammad’s followers]effortsand the efforts of those who followed in their footsteps, Islam has a presence in every part of the globe.“NICOL has therefore chosen Da’wah to Non-Muslims as one of its priority programs.We will carry Da’wah through the mass media and the various communities shall be organized throughout the length and breadth of Liberia. The Da’wah committee will work on the details of this plan very soon.”Converts/Reverts Islamic EducationClasses for new converts and those returning to the religion (reverts) shall be organized in all 15 counties, 73 districts headquarters as well as other major cities and towns across the country, according to the plan.NICOL will ensure, according to Imam Krayee, the existence of such classes in at least all of the 15 counties during this five-year period. National headquarters shall seek to make resource materials available for this program while county branches will be responsible for the conduct of the classes.“Annual awards will be given to those with the most effective program and converts who perform well will participate in annual training courses at the national level.”Imam Krayee, who is hails from Southeastern Liberia, noted that NICOL, through this program, hopes to have indigenous imams among all of the ethnic groups in Liberia, before the program timeframe elapses.“Before this five year initial program comes to an end, we want to have indigenous imams, who would beGios, Sapoes, Bassonians, Lormas, Kpelles,Kissis, etc.”Imams in Liberia are predominantly from the Mandingo and Vaitribes. These two groups also dominate the religion in terms of number; but other ethnic groups have members who are also part of the Islamic faith.Scholarship for ImamsLiberian imams have benefitted from several scholarships grant from Islamic countries over the years. “We are very grateful to those who have made this possible. NICOL will continue to seek such opportunities and even more for our imams to be properly trained and equipped,” Deputy NICOL head said.Collaboration with Non-Muslim Clergy“Liberia is a tolerant society,” the Islamic cleric said, lauding God for sparing Liberia the kind of religious tensions that have been the norms in many countries.One religious analyst, who asked to be anonymous, told the Daily Observer: “Liberia is dominantly Christian in terms of population and influence, but I wonder if the tolerant state of the country will remain when the tides turn with what the Muslims are zealously seeking to do through their five-year initiative and others.”However, Imam Krayee stated that Liberia being a tolerant country, NICOL leadership shall therefore work to establish, maintain and improve relations with clergymen of other religions, especially Christianity.Imam Krayee, who at the same occasion condemned atrocities perpetrated in the name of Islam, also indicated that Muslims in Liberia bear witness to the truest Islam—a religion that preaches peace and peaceful co-existence.Meanwhile, NICOL’s plan seems to be working in perfect correlation with the exposed plan, which received huge criticism from the Liberian public with many Muslims vehemently rejecting such revelation from the authors who described themselves as Arab female scholars.The Saudis’ plan for Liberia, according to the three Arab authors, is first to ensure that a candidate of Muslim faith and background contests and wins the Liberian presidency. The NICOL five-yearplan, however did not make any mention of a political strategy.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

BREAKING: Harmon, Greenidge, Gaskin and Roopnaraine resign

first_imgPresident David Granger has accepted the resignations of Minister of State Joseph Harmon; Business Minister Dominic Gaskin; Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge; and Public Service Minister Dr Rupert Roopnaraine as Members of Parliament owing to their status as dual citizens.Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge These resignations came in light of mounting pressure from Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo and Civil Society who have been calling the governing Ministers to resign in light of the Appeal Court’s Ruling with respect to Dual Citizenship. Harmon is a US citizen while Greenidge, Gaskin and Roopnaraine are all UK citizens.Business Minister Dominic Gaskin See the full statement, issued this morning, from the Ministry of Presidency:The Government of Guyana is committed to the upholding of the Constitution of Guyana and by virtue, the March 22, 2019 ruling of the Court of Appeal on the December 21, 2018 Motion of No Confidence, which was brought against the Government.In this regard, as of Monday, April 1, 2019, His Excellency David Granger, President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, has received and accepted the resignation of all coalition Members of Parliament who are holders of dual citizenship. These members will not be returning to Parliament therefore, when it reconvenes on April 11, 2019.Minister of State Joseph Harmoncenter_img More details in the Wednesday, April 03, 2019 edition of the Guyana Times.Public Service Minister Rupert Roopnarainelast_img read more